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  • “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.”

    - Buckminster Fuller

    Together, We're Building a New Model of Business

  • A New List to Praise the Performers

    Qualifying for the GC500 is based 100% on merit—ensuring we profile the most deserving organizations, not just those who pay for a PR boost.

  • A New Point System For Keeping Score

    Organizations can earn up to 9 badges

    Why you are in business

    Maximize benefit,
    not just profit

    What your business offers

    Products or services
    that create a better world

    How you run your business

    Positively impacts
    people and the planet

  • Be a GameChanger

    Help Build a New Model of Business

    For Individuals

    Vote with your money

    What percentage of your purchases support the "old game"? Use this website to find For-Benefit orgs to support instead.

    Vote with your time

    Want to work at a For-Benefit org? Search this website to find a role to play in the "new game".

    For Organizations

    Build a For-Benefit Business

    Are you building, or wanting to build, an organization that is a force for good? Or do you want your business to become a GameChanger? On this website you'll find out how.

    Build a Support Organization

    Does your organization exist to support the construction of this "For-Benefit" model of business? If you offer consulting, legal, certification, investment, or other support services, be sure to recommend your org for inclusion on this website.

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